It is not all rosy

A few weeks ago, I noticed that the feedback that I shared on this website about my undergraduate course Introduction to Information Systems (ISOM2010) is mainly positive. I feel I should also show other types of feedback that I have received so as to give a more accurate picture. However, students only email or tell me about their course experience when they have nice things to say (understandably so). Although students had given some not-too-positive feedback in the course evaluation previously, those comments were usually not very “juicy” in the sense they were mainly about the heavy workload, etc., which I actually show to current students in class so as to help them manage their expectation. So I thought I should wait for the latest evaluations to come in and see if I can put together more “dark side” of my teaching before making a post. Right from the first lecture in this semester, I could sense that the vibe among certain students in one of the sections (L2) wasn’t too positive.

Well, I received the evaluation reports this morning and I must say that this year’s students, especially those from L2, did not disappoint. A few students wrote passionately about their horrible experience with my teaching. In fact, I was so bad that I achieved a personal career low instructor rating. A pretty humbling experience, I must say. Below, I provide this semester’s evaluation reports in their entirety. This information will help future students who are enrolled in my ISOM2010 course (or thinking to do so) to know what to expect and perhaps run away (i.e., ditch the course) while they can. For good measure, I’m including the evaluation report for the MBA course on digital marketing (ISOM5390) that I taught in this semester too.

[Quick tip for navigating the reports: Q11 is the instructor rating score; Q14 is about the weak points of the course/instructor.]

ISOM2010 L1:

Download (PDF, 130KB)

ISOM2010 L2:

Download (PDF, 134KB)

ISOM2010 L3:

Download (PDF, 129KB)


Download (PDF, 150KB)

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