My teaching changes lives…

A student who attended my very first “Introduction to Information Systems” course in HKUST (Spring 2013) just sent me an email:

I am happy to share with you a piece of good news – I got a graduate offer from PwC Consulting. Actually I want to thank you for your support and teaching where you created a platform to us to learn proactively and freely. It was also the business-related technology information you taught that led to my interest in “IT in business” and then I kept learning more about this. Since IT actually has over-whelming power in business now, I got well prepared for the interview, where I shared the related ideas in the business case study. It’s definitely a pleasure to be your student and learn IT from a business perspective. Thanks again!

Simply wonderful! Such news make all the efforts that I put in preparing and delivering the course worthwhile.

P.S. Sorry for the dramatic post title 🙂