Early feedback for ISOM2010

Although there are two more lectures to go for the undergraduate course Introduction to Information Systems  (ISOM2010), I have received a student’s feedback about the course.

It is my pleasure to be in isom 2010 course this semester which refresh my mind a lot about the newest trend in IS as well as the details and situations behind them. Before taking this course, I know little about the topics like big data and analytics, however, this course gives me more insights and understanding about them and motivates me to self-learn and read more readings related to machine learning and related stuff. The presentation has also reinforced my understanding about IS concepts as well. The whole course is well-designed, I really love this course a lot and it also triggers me to take ISOM as my major in the future!

The pleasure is all mine. It is a bit early to receive course feedback, but I’m not complaining, especially when the feedback is positive 🙂 It’s always nice to know the planned course activities/readings/topics have some intended effects on some students.