The perfect publication record for getting tenure?

  1. Top-tier publication single-authored by yourself — shows that you can work independently.
  2. Top-tier publication with a peer — show that you are a team-player.
  3. Top-tier publication with a student — shows that you can supervise someone.
  4. Top-tier publication with a senior scholar in your field — show that you can be supervised by someone.
  5. Top-tier publication in another field (e.g., quantum physic) — show that you are inter-disciplinary.
  6. Article in a top practitioner journal (e.g., HBR, Sloan Review) — shows that your research has some practical impacts.
  7. A book about that centres around your research topics/streams. (But if it doesn’t get onto the New York Times best-sellers, it doesn’t count.)

And I still haven’t checked off the first item on the list.

Awarded an early career research grant

My project proposal for HK Research Grants Council’s Early Career Scheme (ECS) has gone through successfully. This project focuses on the use of crowd-based contests to acquire graphic designs. Specifically, I plan to examine how the heterogeneity among contestants and in the information provided by contest clients affect the attributes and performances of the design submissions. This project is an extension of my research in crowd-based design contests.

The ECS is for PIs who are in their first three years as Assistant Professor in HK institutions, and I’m glad to be successful in my first attempt applying for this “rookie” grant. I’m also happy for my colleagues whose grant applications went through as well.